Buying & using a train ticket 

To buy a train ticket on the C1 line Malaga-Fuengirola is very simple. All the machines are the same as the image below and all in multiple language's. Across the top above the screen are the methods of payment. From left to right, contactless, coins, credit/debit card or notes. One tip, this is a great way of using small coins that you have accumulated. 

If the screen is the same as above touch the screen anywhere and that will auromatically go to page 1. If thats image is not on the screen then it is on page 1. At the bottom of the screen on the left is a question mark and a round button with multiple flags on it. Press once for English. The screen is now in English and asks what type of ticket is required. press single or return. After your selection the screen goes to page 2. Page 2 asks if you are using a renfe card. touch no. Page 3 asks for a destination so touch your destination. Page 4 asks how many tickets, there is a plus and minus sign to increase or decrease the tickets required. The screen also shows the cost of the ticket / tickets. When you have selected the amount of tickets pay by one of the above methods. Your ticket / tickets and change will drop below.

Now you have your ticket you are ready to go. If you are at a large station you may have to go through security barrier's. As you approach the barrier you will see a green led arrow. The arrow points to the barrier that will open when you insert your card into the front of the machine. insert your card with the arrows on the card pointing forwards. The barrier will open when you take your card back from the top of the machine. Keep hold of your ticket while on the train. 1, you may be asked for it 2, you may need it for barrier's at your destination. It makes good practice to discard the ticket as soon as you have finished your journey and the finished with the ticket. If you have a pocket full of used tickets it can be a problem finding the right ticket to get you out of the station.

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