Create your own fantastic  holiday on the Costa del Sol

This section looks at booking your own flights and hotel on the Costa del Sol. Booking a holiday this way can save you hundreds of pounds. But it is not always the cheapest option and there may be better deals from our on line travel agents advertiser's so check them out first on the tool bar on the left below to get a feel for the prices and you know what to beat.


Where to go and Choosing your resort 

You need to read this websites Cities & towns and Family  fun & attraction webpages to help make your decision. For example if you are looking for a few days of history and culture then Malaga is a good place to look at. If you are looking for a family holiday with theme parks and night life then Torremolinos, Benalmadena and Fuengirola would be a good place to start and if the resort name matters you have Marbella. For walking holidays Mijas and Casares are good choices.


Finding a flight.

You need to know your nearest airport, if you have a choice then try all of them. So below on the Skyscanner search engine type in your nearest airport in the “from” box and Malaga (AGP) in the “to” box.

Next the dates. At this point there is no need to put in the correct dates so if you intend to travel in lets say August put in any dates within that month and click search. When you click search you will leave this webpage and go to the Skyscanner page. Near the top left hand side there will be a link “show whole month” click this link. High prices will be displayed in red, medium prices in amber and cheap prices in green. This is where you can make your biggest saving and choose your dates. Don’t click on the dates just write them down. Now clear your cookie’s off your computer.


Finding accommodation.

In the search engine below type the resort you have chosen. ( if your resort is Malaga then choose Malaga centro on the search engine. This is because Malaga is a province as well) 

When choosing accommodation your main options are Hostel, hotel and apartments. One consideration is location, If you are not considering a car you need to be close to all amenities so when you have found a place click on show on map. If your chosen destination is Malaga, Torremolinos, Benalmadena or Fuengirola consider the train service for your transfer it’s really easy to use and can cut transfer costs by over two thirds.


At this point you can book your flights and accommodation on the search engines above.

Transfers and car hire.

So far we have looked at booking a flight and accommodation now we look at getting from the airport to your accommodation  and on the Costa del Sol you have a few options. If your accommodation is near the train line this is your cheapest option. To travel the full distance from Malaga to Fuengirola is under  4.00 euro per person (see “getting around the Costa del Sol” webpages on this site) Taxi is another option and can work out cheaper than Transfers in some circumstances especially if you are in a party of 4. For transfers and car hire click the Skyscanner search engine below.


The other two considerations are money and travel insurance. The post office offers both of these services. More than often the money exchange shops in the resorts offer better exchange rates than in the UK. So it’s better to exchange a bit in the UK and the bulk at the resort. Click the link below to check the Post office exchange rate and insurance.


Useful tips when booking a holiday on the Costa del Sol.


Delete your cookie’s. When you enter a website a cookie is sent to your computer. There are claims when you return to that site the cookie sends information what you have been looking at on the site and increase the price.


Pay on a credit card. Payment on a credit card gives you more protection than using a debit card or electronic transfer. Should the holiday company or airline go bust the credit card company will fight to reclaim your money.


Check out the area where you want to stay. Whats there, whats on and whats to do. This website is a useful guide to the cities, towns and villages on the Costa del Sol. Check the fairs & festival and concerts on this site to add an extra dimension to your holiday. If you have any questions on the area then contact us at 


Click the Jet2 icon (top centre) and Dont forget to click the Discount button on the Jet2 website worth £50.00 off per person 

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The coastal beach resorts on the Costa Del Sol

Towns & villages in and around the Costa del Sol

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